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A comprehensive and trusted source of information on online payment solutions. enables all market participants to gather information on payment services independently. A common vocabulary and standardized service requirements and performance definitions help consumers and business people to understand more, and to make payment services transparent and more predictable.


payment-providers has emerged in 2012 as an initiative by Sebastian Rahmel and Andre Kadzikowski. Again and again we noticed how hard it is for webmasters and agencies to get useful information about the international online trade and the associated payment methods. A strong market competition and, unfortunately, many unserious providers make the choice of the payment provider to a demanding and mission-critical task. Unfortunately, this industry is one of those in which the participants have little knowledge and experience, and this applies to banks, as for customers as well! – Many providers can and do not empathize in the technical market concerns of their customers. And many merchants are simply uninformed about the transaction opportunities in the international online trade.  Learn more ..

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