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ACH Network registers high quarterly growth

The ACH Network has registered its highest quarterly growth rate in more than a decade during the second quarter of 2019, according to NACHA.

Volume rose 7.7% over the same period in 2018, marking the ACH Network’s biggest quarterly increase since the third quarter of 2008, as measured on a processing-day basis.

Second quarter ACH volume totaled more than 6.1 billion payments, with 3.55 billion debits and 2.55 billion credits. Healthcare claim payments and internet-initiated payments each saw a 13% increase, to 86.7 million and 1.6 billion, respectively. B2B payments were up 12% to 995 million, while P2P payments saw a 20% increase to 35.2 million.

In H1 2018, the ACH Network has registered a 6.7% volume increase compared to the first half of 2018. Same Day ACH credit and debit volume soared in the second quarter of 2019, with 59.8 million payments, a 46% increase from 2018.

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