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encurio GmbH
Neusser Landstr. 80
50674 Köln

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<h2>Why all information shall be personally aproved and annually checked!</h2>
<img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-18053″ src=”” alt=”checked_provider” width=”150″ height=”43″ />Most Information posted on payment-providers are thoroughly researched by ourself and we recheck our members/ company profiles on a regular basis. has developed a unique system for evaluating premium Partners and trustful companies, based on the quality they present and the level of services they offer their customers.

Our original registration form and service questionary was huge and confusing for many registrants. We are asking too many service related questions unfortunatelly, no one in any company is able to answer all of them allone. Accidentally or due to the complexity of the market, many providers used to state false information about their services. With the relaunch in May 2016 we will invest our time to create your personal “<strong>approved</strong>” company profile. We make sure, that everybody is using the right vocabulary and explanations. In case you offer unique services, we will ad them to our service database. Therefore we charge a <strong>100€ one time service charge</strong>. This action will help to raise the quality of this platform.