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Adyen and SAP Commerce provide integrated payments for Electrolux

Adyen has announced that Electrolux has chosen its SAP certified Adyen Payments Add-on 3.4.0 for SAP Commerce to successfully streamline their payments.

Integrating Adyen’s payments Add-on 3.4.0 with SAP Commerce will allow companies to use one platform to manage all their sales channels, data, and systems – providing streamlined payments across online, mobile, in-store, and wherever is next.

Built by Adyen, and supported entirely in-house, the add-on for SAP Commerce offers direct support, which results in a quick go-to-market solution. It is scalable; therefore, companies can add new functionalities, such as new payment methods or checkout flows, which will contribute to an upgraded user experience.

Businesses will benefit from access to Adyen’s entire platform, including checkout, preferred local payment methods, payment fraud protection, and conversion optimisation.

Earlier in 2019, the Netherlands-based payments platform has launched a new payment service powered by Open Banking. For more information about Adyen, please check out a detailed profile of this company in our dedicated, industry-specific online company database.

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