Companies specialised in handling of micropayment transactions

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HQ in the USA with offices in Europe and Russia, Xsolla has seven years of experience around the world and has integrated more than 500 payment solutions globally.


VoxTel is a Canadian company that will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary. We could also explore our two areas of expertise; telephone billing solutions and dating services (telephone and internet)


netpurse ® is the first German online payment service that allows shopping for even the smallest amounts in the Internet. , you can start immediately and have access to paid content.

MPP Global Solutions

MPP Global Solutions are the leading provider of Payment Services and eCommerce Solutions to the Media and Entertainment Industries.With well over a decades experience providing universal and secure eCommerce payment solutions, MPP offers a breadth of payment functionality to ensure you are prepared for every eventuality.Together with being fully compliant with PCI-DSS and regulated to process, store or transmit payment details you can feel assured that MPP Global Solutions are a name to trust.

miniPay gmbH

miniPay as online payment system stores payment with debit or for the account or even a mobile payment system : Ourmicropayment processes your payments online via the Direct Debit process from without imminent return debit charges for you. The buyer need it its not specify Address * ! You as the seller estimated thesecure payment

micropayment GmbH

micropayment is a full-service provider that offers its customers a complete range of high-quality services, including software implementation, payment processing, and detailed analyses and statistics. You can choose among six payment methods that are specially designed for e-commerce and paid content services.


The hipay ™ payment solution is produced by Hpme:
. Hpme is a Belgian company with capital of € 3.2 million with head office located in Brussels
Hpme is accredited by the NBB (ex CBFA) ( Banking, Financial and Assurance commission ).
Hpme is a subsidiary of the Hi-Media Group, created in 2008 and dedicated to the electronic wallet


CheddarGetter was created with one goal in mind, to make a simple, flexible and robust recurring billing system to make managing your customers easy and painless.
CheddarGetter provides a full-featured, easy-to-use billing and recurring subscription management system so you can accept and track one-time charges and recurring payments

Atlas Interactive

ATLAS Interactive Deutschland has been providing a unique portfolio of access and micro billing solutions including premium SMS and premium rate billing on a global level since 1995. Additionally, ATLAS Interactive can offer a comprehensive portfolio of further telecommunication solutions which includes service numbers – such as premium rate, shared cost, free phone and geographic numbers – IVR platforms and marketing opportunities in wide range of countries and in several languages


the solution for your purchases 
of digital contentFast: about 1 min per transaction.Simple: no account to create, 
no forms to fill out.Safe & Anonymous:
no data 
stored personal 
or disclosed.