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Zong is the leading mobile payment platform for digital goods used by the top online gaming sites, virtual worlds, social games, and social networks. We are connected to over 230 mobile operators in over 40 countries, giving us the ability to transact with over 3.2 billion mobile consumers worldwide. We have offices in Silicon Valley, Geneva, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam and Paris. We’re a tight-knit group that enjoys the breadth of food options in Silicon Valley, the occasional game (or three) of Quake


HQ in the USA with offices in Europe and Russia, Xsolla has seven years of experience around the world and has integrated more than 500 payment solutions globally.


At Paymentwall we believe that every opportunity should be explored, that’s why we built the world’s leading payments solution. We work hard to make sure your websites and applications can monetize users wherever you are selling your digital goods and services. We make it easy for users anywhere in the world to pay for your content by providing the most popular, localized payment options in their local language and currency, so that anywhere there is a user, there is an opportunity to monetize them.


Say goodbye to your wallet. You will not need it anymore. Because mopay
lets you use your phone just like a credit card or cash – things you
usually carry around in your wallet.
With mopay you simply provide your phone number to pay online. The
charge will appear on your phone bill.

Contopronto AS

Luup offers bank-grade mobile payment solutions that solve business challenges and enable new services.
Mobile cash, salary disbursements, remittances, corporate payments – all delivered securely via mobile devices from our live and proven universal platform which has an integrated core banking engine. Luup’s services include: customer registration, customer administration, user interfaces, reporting, reconciliation, authentication, authorisation, operational support.


Fortumo, founded in 2007, is the most developer-friendly mobile payments provider. We enable app and game developers to monetize their users through mobile operator billing in more than 74 countries.


Cashlog is part of Buongiorno, a company with 10 years experience in managing digital transactions. Over 300m digital purchases in 50 countries went through Buongiorno systems in 2009 alone. Our mobile payment service is built on solid foundations:Performance and security. Our mobile pay platform uses Buongiorno’s battle-tested solutionsThe skill and expertise of the Cashlog teamCashlog´s customer support

B Wise

Businesswise S.A. began its operations in 2006, working in all the areas of mobile commerce. The company provides its clients with a large array of services that go from consulting to the development of “end to end” solutions. In 2007, Telefonica Movistar Ecuador established Businesswise S.A. as the leading provider of automated airtime purchases. Since then, the company has been a fundamental partner of Movistar for their implementation of automated airtime purchases in their prepaid cell phone plans. The strategic alliance between the two companies rapidly increased the market penetration of automated airtime purchases. The sales of airtime through automated purchases grew from 10% to 93% as a percentage of the market in a 3-year period.


We offer a mobile payments API that’s fast, reliable, secure, and scalable. Accepting payments internationallyOnline companies located in the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia can use Braintree to launch, support and scale their businesses, just like their US counterparts. Plus, merchants can accept payments in more than 130 currencies.


Boku enables people across the globe
to pay for the things they love using
the one device they’re never without.Within 2 years, we grew to become the largest global mobile payments network servicing 66 countries through more than 240 carrier partners, connected to merchants such as Facebook, Disney, EA, and Zynga.
We make it simple for you to begin accepting mobile payments. By
integrating Boku Mobile Billing, your customers can charge their
purchases directly to their mobile bill using just their mobile number.
No bank accounts or registration are required, providing a frictionless
checkout experience for increased conversion. Integration of our
platform is simple.


Our online payment platform hooks up to over 200 relevant payment methods across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Oceania. From international credit cards to local cash-based methods. Like Boletos in Brazil. And internet banking methods like iDEAL in Holland. Adyen doesn’t just technically process these payment methods, we provide them through a single solution. We know the ins and outs of these methods and we’ll help you by implementing the set-up in each country.