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We are specialised for online payment solutions
RatePAY is the perfect payment partner for a successful e-commerce business. We optimize the payment process in the checkout of an online shop with our products. Merchants can offer their customers safe and popular payment methods such as instalment payments, open invoice and direct debit. Merchants transfer the risk of default payments directly to RatePAY while increasing their revenue at the same time.


payolution allows the payment on account and the payment in installments for the purchase on the internet for your online shop

Paymorrow GmbH

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miniPay gmbH

miniPay as online payment system stores payment with debit or for the account or even a mobile payment system : Ourmicropayment processes your payments online via the Direct Debit process from without imminent return debit charges for you. The buyer need it its not specify Address * ! You as the seller estimated thesecure payment


Billsafe is the worry-free package for sale on behalf of the Internet.Over 10 years experience in building and scoring methods in debt management in mediafinanz AG contributed to the development of our high-quality scoring systems. Bill is so safe now in a position to give the dealer a guarantee for the full payment, even if the end user did not pay his bill once.

Billpay GmbH

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