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Computop to launch mobile SKD with Apple Pay payment option

Computop, a Germany-based payment service provider, has launched its Mobile Software Development Kit (Mobile SDK).

The mobile SDK is a software module that supports the simple integration of relevant payment methods. It supplies the necessary programming tools and libraries to ensure that the payment process is secure, making it easier for programmers to integrate payment options.

Developers can use the mobile SDK to integrate credit card payments, SEPA direct debits, PayPal, WeChat, Alipay and Apple Pay in an app.

With Apple Pay, Computop has integrated omni-channel payments that allow people to make payments online, by smartphone or at a physical checkout. Apple Pay can be integrated as a payment option across all the main sales channels, whilst the iPhone’s signature Touch ID fingerprint sensor protects users from unauthorised access and misuse. Biometric authentication also speeds up the checkout process.

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