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Eafricalab, ACI Worldwide to support payments modernisation across Africa

ACI Worldwide has announced that Eafricalab will utilise its UP Retail Payments solution for Postillion, to better serve consumers across 25 African countries.

Eafricalab is an Africa-based processor, providing payments processing for customers across the banking, retail, microfinance, telecoms, and local government sectors.

ACI’s payments platform will empower Eafricalab to modernise its payments offering, fostering further innovation and financial inclusion across the continent. Eafricalab will utilise ACI’s UP Retail Payments solution for Postillion, which provides configuration and scripting, allowing the processor to launch new payments services for its clients, including card management, gift cards, and prepaid solutions.

In addition, Postilion will enable the company to process electronic payments, such as non-card withdrawals, retailer transactions, and new alternative payment methods.

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