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Ecommerce is expected to reach EUR 103.4 bln in Germany

RetailX’s Ecommerce Country Report has unveiled that ecommerce in Germany is expected to be worth EUR 103.4 billion at the end of 2020.

According to Ecommerce News, Germany is one of the most mature ecommerce markets in Europe, therefore 95% of the population is expected to be online in 2020. Accordingly, the RetailX Ecommerce Country Report shows that German ecommerce is expected to grow by 10% in 2020, as consumers perceive online shopping as ‘a direct delivery to my home’ (67%), followed by ‘available round the clock (66%) and ‘more convenient way of shopping (61%).

Moreover, RetailX’s study unveils that laptops are the preferred devices for online shopping, with 58% of online shoppers in Germany saying they have used one in the past twelve months, while 49% used a smartphone, and 42% used the PC. Besides, clothing and shoes are the most purchased products (58%) via mobile commerce, while the least preferred category represents groceries (18%).

Furthermore, regarding the preferred payment method used while ordering online, German-based consumers still prefer invoice, as in 2019 almost 81% of businesses still offered payment on account/invoice.

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