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Lack of transparent pricing frustrates travellers, ACI Worldwide research finds

76% of UK travellers have ranked a lack of transparent pricing as the most common annoyance when booking holidays, according to new research from ACI Worldwide.

Other frustrations UK travellers faced while booking included:

  • 33% not being able to use their preferred payment method;

  • 43% finding websites and apps too slow while they were trying to book;

  • 42% experiencing problems trying to change tickets after their initial booking.

The research also uncovers the following:

  • 71% of travellers preferred method of booking online was using their laptop, computer or tablet;

  • 39% think that travel websites should be more transparent about how they use customers’ data;

  • 34% are concerned about what travel companies do with their data;

  • 18% of UK travellers, 30% of Germans, 36% of Americans, 35% of French and 60% of Chinese experience fraud when booking a leisure trip online or while traveling.

  • in the UK and the US, credit cards are the preferred method of payment, with 53% of UK travellers using credit cards for travel booking and 64% of US travelers;

  • PayPal is a strong contender, especially in Germany with 31% of German travellers using this option when paying for trips online;

  • payment preferences of Chinese travellers are different to those in other countries surveyed, with Alipay (78%) and WeChat Pay (53%) the preferred payment methods for most respondents.

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