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Mobile first for Dutch online payment scheme iDEAL in 2018

iDEAL has announced that seven in ten iDEAL online payments are made on mobile devices.

According to the press release, by the end of 2017 more iDEAL payments were made on tablets and smartphones than on laptops and desktops. In December 2017, 54.8% of all iDEAL payments were made with an app for mobile banking. In 2018, the share of mobile iDEAL payments jumped to 69.5%, partly due to the popularity of mobile person-to-person payments. In December 2018, 17.5% of all iDEAL payments came from C2C payments, mainly through payment requests (“pull payments”) with mobile apps from banks such as Tikkie.

In addition, the number of payments with iDEAL increased by 38.5%. More than half a billion iDEAL payments were made in 2018 (524 million). In November 2018, the total number of iDEAL payments (since its start in 2005) reached 2 billion payments.

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