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ÖBB partners Wirecard for payment solutions implementation

Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), has partnered Wirecard AG, a payment services provider, to restructure its payment system.

The partnership will ensure that payments are improved for passengers travelling with ÖBB – across all payment channels and with the usual high level of security.

The ÖBB group transports 466 million passengers and 111.7 million tonnes of freight to their destination each year, and strives to minimise any environmental impact: 92% of the electricity used by the railway network comes from renewable energy sources, approximately 90% from hydroelectric power.

The ÖBB is among the most punctual railway networks in Europe: 96.7% of services arrive at their destination on time. The group employs 39,481 staff in total across the rail and bus networks (plus 1,724 trainees), who are tasked with ensuring that 1.3 million passengers arrive safely at their destinations each day.

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