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OnPay Solutions and Pineapple Payments form integrated payment partnership

OnPay Solutions and Pineapple Payments have announced a partnership offering merchant services on the OnPay Connect platform.

OnPay Solutions is a provider of B2B accounts payable and accounts receivable automation, which powers the platform for corporate payments to suppliers and vendors, and supports companies when it comes to making, receiving, and optimising payments via a collection of products and services.

Pineapple Payments is an omnichannel payment technology company, which provides the online acceptance of credit/purchase card payments. The solutions of the US-based company regard, amongst others, software companies and merchants.

By teaming up, the two providers remove an additional point of friction that stands between companies when making and accepting electronic payments. Thus, those companies receiving virtual card payments are able to process their payments directly within the same portal where their detailed remittance is viewable and downloadable.

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