Andre Kadzikowski

We need more people to be aware about the money system.

We need more alternative payment-systems who bring the money out of the traditional banking system – back to its real owners.

We need way more transparency in money transaction infrastructure.

We need a strict seperation from real economy and capital economy.

We need a partwise digital money system which enables to controll the governments spendings

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Our mission: more transparency and standardized definitions in payment-related services!

 A comprehensive and trusted source of information on online payment solutions.

Our website enables all market participants to gather information on payment services independently. A common vocabulary and standardized service requirements and performance definitions help consumers and business people to understand more, and to make payment services transparent and more predictable.

Can we trust our payment providers?
On the research on payment-related services, which was and still is sometimes more an investigative work than just counting down some notes, your learn that they are all cooking more or less with the same water. There are more than a thousand payment service provider offering their services to private households, consumers and retail business. A similar amount of companies deliver services just within the banking and transaction business – the Fintechs. Unfortunately there are many liars, totally useless and even fraudulent companies arround. Many payment-service providers do it like the banks, they invent new words and descriptions for unneccessary products and services, that nobody can get behind. Others are able to analyse your balance withour permission. We are fed up with that, and we are going to seperate the trustful from the others.

Lets start in the E-Commerce

As a professional internet agency, dealing daily with e-commerce projects, we noticed how hard it is for webmasters and agencies to get useful information about the international online trade and the associated payment methods. A strong market competition and, too many unserious providers make the choice of the payment service provider to a demanding and mission-critical task. Unfortunately, this industry is one of those in which the participants have little knowledge and experience, and this applies to banks, as for customers as well! – Many providers can and do not empathize in the technical market concerns of their customers. And many merchants are simply uninformed about the transaction opportunities in the international online trade

Dont trust the banks!  But can you trust your payment provider?

We should have learned not to trust our banks.

A payment service provider is often not a bank! There are many totally new and independet concepts of money- and transaction systems in the emerging e-commerce markets. Within this new technology age, there might be a chance to reinvent the money system, or to extract the money out of the traditional banking system. Our 2nd mission ist to focus on new technology in payment related services and to offer a platform for innovative concepts.