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PayPal, Visa expand partnership in Canada for digital, mobile payments

Visa and PayPal have expanded their partnership in Canada to accelerate the adoption of digital and mobile payments for consumers and merchants.

The partnership is aimed at making it easier for consumers to pay with their Visa card at places that accept PayPal. Through the collaboration between bank partners and PayPal, consumers will be able to add Visa cards into the PayPal digital wallet from other banking apps, according to Mobile Payments Today.

In addition, PayPal will be able to leverage Visa Direct (Visa’s real-time payments product), which enables Visa cardholders to move funds from their PayPal account to an eligible Visa debit card in real-time.

The two partners have also agreed to extend participation in the Visa Digital Enablement Program, which offers Visa’s partners access to tokenization technology. The two companies are already collaborating in the US, Asia Pacific and Europe.

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