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Paysafe rolls out new payments solution for software platforms and marketplaces

Paysafe, a UK-based payment solution provider, has announced the launch of Turnkey, a new payments solution for software platforms and marketplaces.

The process of deploying it involves integrating an API suite into the current software infrastructure; moreover, an integration team is on hand to facilitate the implementation process and address any issues. 

Using the payments solution, software platforms and marketplaces can focus on their core business instead of having to divert funds and resources to building integrations from scratch, applying for an EMI licence and hiring a team of risk management and compliance professionals.

In addition, Turnkey provides real-time onboarding, allowing merchants immediate transactions, and a processing aimed at avoiding chargebacks and other issues. With a large suite of alternative and localised payment methods, it can also process more than 100 currencies across 150 countries.

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