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Epoch is a global provider of online billing services. We can help you process credit card, debit card and a multitude of other payment types by leveraging our banking relationships to provide payment gateway, one-time and recurring billing, as well as data storage, all in a safe and secure environment. We also offer the most professional and skilled customer service and technical support on the web. We are here 24/7/365 to help you and your customers.

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About this provider

About this provider

Since your customers come to your site from many countries, you need a billing company that can process transactions globally. Not only do we process transactions for consumers all over the world, we also present the payment form in your customers’ language, accept all major card types as well as a number of regional payment types, and bill your customers in their local currency. Buying is seamless to your customer. Managing the process is seamless to you.


Worldwide Perspective
Accepting online payments brings a world of customers to your door. We have taken the approach of making each transaction as seamless as possible, regardless of where it originates. Our payment forms automatically present translation in over a dozen languages. Your product’s pricing is instantly converted to the local currency equivalent so your customer knows exactly how much the item costs. We accept every major currency and an ever increasing number of local, regional, and international payment types. Each time a payment form is presented it is custom generated specifically for your customer’s experience. And all of this is done without your customer needing to make a single decision. We take a serious approach to accommodating your international traffic by making your customers feel right at home.

Extraordinary Flexibility
Our approach to facilitating online payments has always been paced with the most current leading technology. We are dedicated to the idea that ultimate simplicity comes from experience and back-end sophistication. Our services are as perfectly matched for the smallest internet start-up companies as they are for the most demanding large volume corporations. Our feature-rich APIs offer customized routines, data structures, object classes, and variables. If there is a feature your company requires that we haven’t yet released, we will build an API specifically to address your needs. We are a full service Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP) with the flexibility to adapt to unique needs and business models.

Unparalleled Security
Epoch is an approved Internet Payment Service Provider (Visa) and Payment Facilitator (MasterCard). Each year we exceed the expectations of the audits performed on our systems to ensure our compliance with all Payment Card Industry standards and requirements. Our global services have led the way in data security. In 2002, Epoch was among the first companies in the world to adopt VBV (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard Secure Code. Furthering our commitment to security, Epoch was the first to certify with the PCI –DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard), then known as CISP, in April 2002. We understand the importance of the security of your customer’s data. It’s our most important role.

Fully Customizable
You may use our full suite of features and services while maintaining your own site’s look and feel. Our secure payment forms can further promote your brand and maintain the continuity of your design. You have the option of collecting as much customer information as you want or the bare minimum required. And, our services support a variety of billing methods such as trial, one time, recurring, one click, and per unit. We can also offer several marketing and retention features available at your option. We make it incredibly easy to integrate the billing choices you need for your growing business.
There are many aspects to an online business, but ultimately once you’ve established your site and created your good or service, you need a means to accept payments. Ideally you want a solution that helps you maximize revenue, relieves the most stress, enables you to focus on building your business, and provides longevity.

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