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We are a consultancy for e- and m-payment and the related topics of usability optimization, fraud prevention, reporting and m-commerce. With our holistic consulting approach, we successfully support online merchants, banks, payment services and PSPs.

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About this provider

About this provider

Our consulting concept

1. The core of your business is your customer and his well-being in your shop. Thus we focus on your customer, his experience, behavior and needs.

2. To build our consulting activity on a solid basis, we start each of our projects with an analysis of your company. To convince you and ourselves of the good quality of our work, we conclude each of our projects with an analysis of the results.


Our way of proceeding

We wish to provide you with an optimal service. To achieve this, in a first step we will precisely define the targets of the project with you and then examine the business model and the processes and workflows in your company. Based on this, we will develop a concept for pursuing the defined targets and generate documentation and manuals to support the affected areas of your company in the implementation. After the successful implementation, we will review the changes to evaluate the success and the results of the project.


Our team

The members of our team have different experience backgrounds within the payment area, so that all topics are covered, such as usability in the checkout process, reconciliation, processing of payment transactions, risk management and reporting. Comprehensive know-how on payment methods round off our skill set.


Our motto

There is no limit to the improvement.

Service Information

Service Information



Service for merchants
  • Selecting the right payment provider for your specific needs
  • Integration of new payment methods
  • Processing of payment transaction, regardless of the payment method used
  • Reconciliation and balancing of sales, generation of reports
  • Chargeback management and reduction of chargebacks
  • Risk management: Fraud Prevention and reduction of payment loss
  • Documentation of processes and staff training
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