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Recap of Game Connection Europe 2016

3 November 2016 | 11:17 am]

Last Friday marked the end of this year’s Game Connection Europe in Paris. Industry insiders, game developers and service providers from across the globe came out to get insights into this ever growing market and hopefully put the final handshake on prospective deals.

What was everyone talking about?

The dominating theme throughout the convention was optimization! Whether it was concerning marketing activities or the optimization of player acquisition, it was an ever present topic that all parties put front and center. Conferences and keynote speakers came through sharing their insight on how to maximize and streamline the marketing of console, PC and of course mobile games. One speaker in particular, highlighting the Pokémon Go phenomenon, demonstrated the power of mobile gaming and the growth the market is expected to see. A forecast provided by the guest speaker from App Annie, predicts global app store gross revenue will exceed $102 billion by 2020.

Bettering everyone’s experience

Optimization is a never ending goal that is fought for on all fronts, and ensuring a fluid payment experience for your end clients is half the battle. HiPay’s payment experts were on hand during the event to stress the importance of creating a seamless payment experience, showing game publishers how it can affect their conversion rate and their bottom line. With the use of a single contact solution, developers are set to profit from the wealth of analytical data gathered from payment data, enabling them to monitor their operations and adjust their marketing accordingly.

Looking forward to the future!

With the closing of this year’s Game Connection Europe in Paris, begins the preparation for next year’s, and HiPay will be present as always to show game developers and all parties the power of payment optimization. As we continue to grow and develop new services such as our recently launched Dev Portal, we strive to continuously better the adaptation of our products for game developers and business’ coming from all sectors looking for a complete payments solution. Stay tuned for future product announcements and any other developments here on our blog, or find us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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