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SlimPay unveils Checkout feature to convert prospects into customers

SlimPay, subscription payment via direct debit provider, has unveiled Checkout, a new feature that converts prospects into customers.

Not all prospects are converted into customers; one of the possible causes could be the payment funnel that has to offer onboarding of customers with maximised value.

With SlimPay’s Checkout for Direct Debit, merchants will be able to assign a level of risk to each potential customer, adapt the authentication process to the risk associated with each customer’s profile and integrate a customisable design, with no third party feeling, in order to convert.

The Checkout can be integrated via REST API for all coding languages. It have been developed API clients for the most common programming languages and platforms, an iframe that can be embedded in any checkout experience on web and mobile, and a REST API that lets customers interact directly with SlimPay’s platforms from anything that can send an HTTP request.

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