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Sodexo Ventures invests in image-recognition self-checkout system

Sodexo Ventures has invested in AEYE-GO, a Chinese startup focusing on computer vision and artificial intelligence technology for the catering industry.

The strategic venture capital vehicle has chosen AEYE-GO as a self-checkout system based on AI image recognition technology, offering both tray and facial recognition options for fast and personalised check-outs. Moreover, AEYE-GO plans to expand operations in China and internationally, leveraging Sodexo’s geographic reach to rapidly scale up.

Sodexo has seized the moment of this investment, as self-checkout systems are growing in popularity. For instance, retail self-checkout machine maker NCR will be piloting facial recognition technology from Yoti in its “FastLane” tills for age verification of people buying alcohol and cigarettes at UK supermarkets. Also, Lenovo has opened an unstaffed convenience store, which uses facial recognition to automatically charge customer accounts. Asian-American supermarket chain iFresh has agreed to become the exclusive distributor of biometric retail payments and unmanned smart retail technology from Xiamen Yidong Intelligent Technology in the Americas.

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