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SwipeSimple streamlines electronic payments for small businesses across the US

CardFlight, a SaaS payment technology company, has announced that its product SwipeSimple is now used by more than 50,000 small businesses across the US.

SwipeSimple provides web-based business management tools for growth and optimisation. Moreover, owners and managers of small businesses can use the product to accept a range of payments, in order to provide streamlined service to their customers:

  • payments on the go – with iOS and Android mobile apps and Bluetooth Low Energy credit card readers that enable EMV Quick Chip, contactless, and magnetic stripe payments;

  • payments in their store – with optional countertop hardware, such as receipt printers, cash drawers, and tablet stands to replace the traditional cash register and payment terminal solution;

  • payments at the computer – through Virtual Terminal, with Address Verification Service support for merchants who need to process card-not-present payments, and the ability to save credit card data on file for scheduled payments, instalment payments, and recurring payments.

SwipeSimple merchants can also access the SwipeSimple Merchant Web Dashboard with reporting and analytics, inventory management and additional business management tools.

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