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TransNational Payments innovates for students with loan debt

TransNational Payments, an e-payments processing company, has launched Be Your Own Boss, a college programme dedicated to students with loan debt.

According to Experian, over the last ten years (2007-2017), college-loan balances in the US have reached USD 1.4 trillion.

Seven out of ten college students graduate with an average of USD 40,000 in debt. Therefore, TransNational Payments created a programme to help students make a dent in this debt before graduating and give them some B2B experience as well.

In addition to gaining B2B experience, Be Your Own Boss pays the students per valid statement submission. Should a specific business become a merchant of TransNational Payments, the student is paid again.

The Managing Agent position takes this opportunity one step further − students can get their friends involved and once the Managing Agent forms a team, he or she gets paid for each statement someone on their team submits.

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