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UK-China FinTech Alliance launched to accelerate commercial agreements and market access

The UK-China FinTech Alliance was launched today, 21 March 2018 by BGTA, following its Next Step China event held during the Innovate Finance Global Summit. 

The alliance has been founded to address the issues of executing and driving results in the cross-border fintech market by building a bridge for knowledge exchange and commercial support between the UK and China, says the company’s press release. 

BGTA aims to foster development of the global tech and investment ecosystem in the UK with a unique fund that benefits the UK via inward investment and acts as a catalyst for exports to China. 

The UK-China fintech Alliance is one of its core not-for-profit initiatives to better support collaboration between the globally recognised UK FinTech sector and the rapidly growing Chinese fintech market. The 9th UK-China Economic Financial Dialogue forecast that cross-border expansion and investments are set to grow. 

The lack of communication on an individual corporate level, between trusted players in the market and fintech ecosystem is one of the problems that the alliance, through a series of partnerships tries to solve. 

The UK-China Fintech Alliance will provide a trusted, single-entry point to fintech market players, where its high-quality members can interact with each other. The alliance is an exclusive and vetted group of high quality companies that are considered as leading industry practitioners. 

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