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US digital buyers still use plastic for e-payments

US digital buyers still consider card payments as their preferred payment method, a recent research study reveals.

Additionally, half prefer to use Visa plastics, according to a recent survey issued by the research company Bizrate, reports. Of all the respondents, 16% of US digital buyers said they preferred paying with their Mastercard, 8% said that Amex was their preferred payment and 4% of digital buyers said they preferred to pay with their Discover card.

PayPal was the only digital form of payment on the list, with 14% of digital buyers preferring to pay with that method. According to eMarketer estimates, the number of people in the US using their phones to pay for goods and services at the point of sale will continue to climb steadily, with 2016 being a year of significant growth for the technology. The total value of mobile payment transactions in the US will grow 210% in 2016.

And Apple Pay in particular continues to gain favor. Indeed, June 2015 polling by Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG) found that 7 in 10 Apple Pay users said they had used their mobile wallets to make purchases both in-app and in-store. The latter was far more likely to kick off usage though, as 69% of users said they first used Apple Pay in a brick-and-mortar, vs. 27% who had used an app first.

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