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Visa, ExxonMobil to promote digital payments in Egypt

Visa has partnered with ExxonMobil to launch Visa’s Security Week campaign in Egypt, which aims to promote digital payment practices amongst Egyptian consumers.

According to Daily News Egypt, Visa will be conducting an on-ground activity for Security Week to connect with its cardholders. Throughout 2 weekends, Visa will distribute educational giveaways to card users at 2 ExxonMobil gas stations, located on the North Coast. Visa utilised all the data gathered from previous surveys that provided insights into different payment behaviours and experiences to propose the key findings for Egyptian consumers.

The key findings from Visa’s Egypt 2018 survey on trends in digital payments security contribute to the usage of different payment methods, such as around:

  • 90% of consumers are waiting for more merchants to give them the option of QR based payments and mobile payments;

  • 87% of consumers believe that it is easy to track transactions made using QR payments and that they are safer than payments made by cheque.

Visa’s recommendations for consumers to engage in safe online shopping practices include:

  • shopping at well-known ecommerce sites;

  • avoiding using public WiFi connection for transactions;

  • looking for the ‘s’ after ‘http’ in website addresses to confirm that a site offers (SSL) protection;

  • activating Verified by Visa with bank to secure online payments;

  • log out whenever leaving a website, especially if using a public computer.

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