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Viva Wallet enters strategic partnership with Bancontact Payconiq

Viva Wallet has announced it now offers its merchants the possibility to accept Bancontact payments across Europe.

Viva Wallet, a European cloud-based digital payments provider based on Microsoft Azure, now offers acquiring services for Bancontact Payconiq Company, the Belgium-based company behind the Bancontact payment scheme.

Bancontact card holders will now be able to pay at over 100,000 merchant locations serviced by Viva Wallet across Europe. Bancontact customers can make use of their Bancontact debit card in any shop in Europe that uses a Viva Wallet card machine to accept payments. Currently, Viva Wallet is active in 17 European countries.

Following this new partnership, Bancontact Payconiq Company and Viva Wallet will run a joint promotional campaign to encourage the usage of Bancontact cards at Viva Wallet terminals. For more information about Viva Wallet, please check out a detailed profile of this company in our dedicated, industry-specific online company database.

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